<Seasonal Stories>

Sakura Petals are Falling Like Snowflakes<> -第一部隊-
Secret Relation<> -式部×柏原&第一部隊-
Take Me,Take You<初夏> -第一部隊&第二部隊-
Take You,Take Me<初夏> -第一部隊&第二部隊-
Gardenia jasminoides<初夏> -御子柴×式部、御子柴+蓮井-
Day In and Day Out<梅雨> -御子柴×式部- 
Hydrangea Macrophylla<梅雨> -藤堂+久宝-
Li Lium<>  -御子柴×式部-
Take An Oath<七夕> -御子柴×式部-
Gaze at You<> -第一部隊-
Come to Light-The right side-<> -柚原+式部-
Come to Light-The inside story-<> -三上×式部-
at Precious Day Aug.17<笑太's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-
an Unexpected Day Sep.21<清寿's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-
The Aftereffects of Storms<台風> -御子柴×式部-
Have a Slight Fever<台風> -藤堂×式部-
Naples Yellow<> -御子柴×式部-
Trick with Treat<Halloween> -御子柴×式部-
Pure Mischief<Halloween> -御子柴×式部+α-
an Especial Day Oct.29<羽沙希's Birthday> -第一部隊-
Catch a Nasty Cold *笑太→清寿編*<冬>
Catch a Nasty Cold *清寿→笑太編*<冬>
Tender Snow<雪> -御子柴×式部-  
We Wish Your Merry Christmas<Xmas> -御子柴×式部+柏原-
Anybody Knows, Nobody Knows<Xmas> -柏原+御子柴×式部-
Ask, And It Shall Be Given You<Xmas day> -御子柴×式部+第二-
Everything You<Xmas day's night> -御子柴×式部-

The Degree of Transparency<新春>
A Happy Our New Year's Day<新春> -御子柴×式部-
an Unusual Day Jan.8th<三上's Birthday> -三上+五十嵐+α
Chocolat Chocolat<Valentine's Day> -御子柴×式部-
Salty Sweet<Valentine's Day> -御子柴×式部-
Pale Pink Confetti 2/1<White Day> -御子柴×式部-
Pale Pink Confetti 2/2<White Day> -御子柴×式部-
SA・KU・RA・1<> -御子柴×式部-
SA・KU・RA・2<> -御子柴×式部-
Rain Beating The Window<梅雨> -御子柴×式部-
Rainy Lazy Morning<七夕> -御子柴×式部-
Little Wish in Midsummer's Night<> -御子柴×式部-
Late Summer<> -御子柴×式部-
Sympathize Day at Aug.17<笑太's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-
Emotional Day in Sep.21<清寿's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-
Thoughtfulness Day in Oct.29<羽沙希's Birthday> -第一部隊-
Hallowe'en Night<Halloween> -御子柴×式部-
Missing Link<Xmas> -御子柴×式部-
Winter Tales vol.1<冬> -御子柴×式部-
Winter Tales vol.2<冬> -御子柴×式部-
Winter Tales vol.3<冬> -御子柴×式部-

Tranquil Day in Jan.8th<三上's Birthday> -三上×式部-
The Previous Night<Valentine's Eve> -御子柴×式部-
Melts Like Chocolate<Valentine's Day> -御子柴×式部
Chew Like Candy<White Day> -御子柴×式部-
Resting Place<> -御子柴×式部-
The Rules of Etiquette for Lust<梅雨> -御子柴×式部-

Zenith Blue<盛夏> -御子柴+式部-
Know Everything about Me<Aug.17> -御子柴×式部-

Perfect Crime 12. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.<Aug.17→Sep.21>-御子柴×式部-

Christmas Eve<Xmas> -御子柴×式部-
Snow Blue Snow<冬> -桜澤×御子柴-

DEVIL'S SWEETS VALENTINE<Valentine's Day> -式部←柏原-
SWEET SILENCE<Valentine's Day> -御子柴×上條-R18 
そんなに泣かないでください、理性が保たなくなる<White Day> -御子柴×上條-
好きなんですあなたのことが。だから、いいですよね?<White Day> -御子柴×上條-
Woh woh<> -御子柴×式部-
Needless To Say<April Fool> -御子柴×式部-
Dependence<梅雨> -御子柴×式部-R18
Commemoration<笑太's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-
Be Fascinated<清寿's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-
Play Pranks<Halloween> -御子柴×式部-
Christmas Eve in Frosty Gray<Xmas eve> -御子柴×式部-

Under The Rain<梅雨> -御子柴×式部-
NO MORE LIES<笑太&清寿's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-R18

Wish You Many Happy Returns<笑太's Birthday> -御子柴×式部-