<Long & Short Stories>

Misson1 -Beyond all Things-@-all cast-

Sleep by My Side  -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-
Inexact Dream -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-
Can you catch your Truth? -‘æˆê•”‘à-
Can you get your RealH -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-
Find a Point of Compromise 
Trust to Fate -ŒäŽqŽÄ~Ž®•” & ’³•ñ‰Û-
‚m‚‰‚‡‚ˆ‚” likes the end of the World -ŒäŽqŽÄ{˜@ˆäAŒäŽqŽÄ~Ž®•”-
Unequaled Sorrow  -ŽOã{ŒäŽqŽÄ-
The Time before Lunch Break
Asleep or Awake  -—•ìvsŽ®•”-
Symptomatic Therapy -‘æˆê•”‘à-
From Somewhere or Other -‘æˆê•”‘à-
Rite Of Passage -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-
non compos mentis -‘tŸ{‰H¹Šó-  
Indispensable Factors -‘æˆê•”‘à-
Hardly Edible -‘æˆê•”‘à-
Defense Mechanism -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-
2nd Anniversary -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-

uNdER ThE rose <another side> 1. 2.-ŒäŽqŽÄ~Ž®•”-

3‚’d Anniversary -ŒäŽqŽÄ{Ž®•”-

cherish -ŒäŽqŽÄ~Ž®•”-