<Affair of DOLLS>

Wicked Hearts             
Phantom Pain             
Signs of Inevitable Conclusion
Fatal Affection 

Lies and Deals -五十嵐×御子柴-
Lie to me -Sweet ver. -Bitter Ver.
Contracts or Lies 12 -五十嵐×式部-

Fragile Emotion -藤堂×式部- 
Exchange Many Kisses
Anxious Forebodings

Imitation Lust  -三上×式部- 
To Tell The Truth -三上×式部- 
Hidden Sentiment -三上×式部- 
The Faith is Faithless.12 
Have a Hangover -笑太&清寿 おまけの話-

Deep Structure -清寿&笑太×上條-
Take An Oath<七夕> 
Reach the Heart 
Come to Light-The inside story-<> -三上×式部-
Cause and Effect -柚原×獅洞- 
Dawn Purple 
As a Natural Consequence 
The Aftereffects of Storms<台風>
Have a Slight Fever<台風>

No Matter What Happens 
an Undeniable Fact 
The Gift of the Magi -笑太&清寿 おまけの話-

Trick with Treat<Halloween>
Enough or Not? -三上×御子柴-
Person with a Cold *笑太編* 
The Principle Of Trust 
Please Stay by My Side  
Similar But Different… 
Confession in a Starless Night -保井×式部-
Pitch Black Moon -桜澤×御子柴-  
The Degree of Transparency<新春>
A Happy Our New Year's Day<新春>
Chocolat Chocolat<Valentine's Day>
Salty Sweet<Valentine's Day>
Pale Pink Confetti 2/1<White Day>
Pale Pink Confetti 2/2<White Day>
Waited and Wait 
A Scar In The Memory 
Love Potion 
Rain Beating The Window<梅雨> 
The Seventh Night Of Seventh Month 
an Intermezzo 
A Common Day at Sep.21 
Melts Like Chocolate<Valentine's Day>
Please Keep Still and Embrace
The Far Side of The MOON 
The Rules of Etiquette for Lust<梅雨>
Fall into Temptation -柏原×式部-
Lucifer in the Sky -桜澤×御子柴-

3rd Promise

As a Pledge of Affection 


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